See below for project summaries:

What is the Trend of Material Usage in Architecture Design?
- Chenyan Zhou, Ge Guo Slides Summary

A Day in the Life
- Mike Soderberg

Wildfires and Air Quality
- Helen Pierson Slides Summary

Can travel patterns reveal shifting governance styles of Chinese presidents?
- Kyi Yeung Goh, Luyun Shao Slides Summary

What’s in the Water?
- Lucy Navarro, Allison Fricke, Sanggyu Shin Slides Summary

- Joree Liu, Zeyi Jiang Slides Summary

H1-B Data Study
- Gauri Bahuguna Slides Summary

The Rise and fall of Bitcoin
- Yichen Ouyang Slides Summary

Predicting Puerto Rico
- Qi Yang, Esteban Vanegas Slides Summary

World Bank Secondary Education Programs in Tanzania
- Seung Yeun Ahn

Mapping Air Pollution & It’s Consequences in California
- Garrett Riha Slides Summary

Newburgh Tree Index
- Zeid Ghawi, Berkhan Eminsoy Slides Summary

NYC Yellow Cab Data and tipping percentage patterns
- Yingjun Mou, Xiaoyan Wang Slides Summary